If you have ANY recordings that aren't posted here OR are higher quality than those posted here, get in touch and add them to the archive!

Note: Some of these files are AAC/.m4a format. Rather than convert them from one lossy format to another, i'm offering them in the most original/source quality made available to me.
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1.   Let The Bed Bugs Bite
2.   Major Motion Killer

1.   2003: A Tragedy
2.   I Was Never a Fan of Jimmy Buffett Until Right Now
3.   Dig, Dig, Dig!
4.   Back to Cali
5.   Give My Regards to Paradise
6.   Do These Lights Have Dimmers?
7.   Payback Soundtrack
8.   Follow Him Out

 S/T (7-SONG EP) (2003)
1.   Operator Connected
2.   Imagine Me Dead
3.   Green Straight Down Union
4.   Like It Or Not
5.   Sounds
6.   Hathaway (Throw Me Away)
7.   Far-East Airways (Stay Abroad)

1.   Imagine Me Dead
2.   Hathaway

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